Welcome to the Acoustics

Acoustic, up close and personal and handmade - the Acoustics concert series starts its 15th year of existence.

Acoustics Hamburg was born 14 years ago from the ease of a spontaneous idea: "We'll show you your new favourite band. You just have to trust us." - 3 newcomer bands, 30 minutes each, purely acoustic. Outdoors. On a small stage in a well-known club.

The simple concept is convincing. A one-off show on the outdoor area in front of the legendary Knust live music club in Hamburg has developed into an established series throughout Germany.

Our cities for 2024 is Back To The Roots: Wednesday: Hamburg - Knust

The Acoustics don't offer a one-size-fits-all musical programme, but rather a special variety of indie sounds, singer/songwriters, experimental fusion pop and special soundscapes. The more than 300 artists booked, including well-known acts such as Alice Merton, Mayberg, Antje Shomaker, SYML, Provinz, Alin Coen, Lina Maly, Jupiter Jones, Fil Bo Riva, Sarah Lesch, Enno Bunger and Lilly Among Clouds, have taken the first step in their careers at Acoustics.

This exciting mix is also reflected in the audience: young & old, niche & conventional, families & free spirits. Acoustics is the place where several hundred music lovers come together every week to celebrate an intimate evening of acoustic beauty. The loyal audience comes to the concerts every week regardless of the line-up and trusts the organisers' booking.

Acoustics Hamburg has developed from a spontaneous idea into a local and national concert brand - our partners speak of a real love brand. We see Acoustics as a dynamic engine that can provide new impetus. In order not to neglect the actual focus, the universally shared love of honest music, and to constantly redefine it, the Acoustics are looking for new ways to expand their platform in a targeted manner

The Acoustics are presented by Schall Musikmagazin, UNTOLDENCY, The Pick, Mopo Hamburg, Szene Hamburg, Ahoy Radio. We would like to thank our sponsors Mein Hörkontor and Beltone.

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To stand up on a stage alone with an acoustic guitar requires bravery bordering on heroism.

Richard Thompson