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Ami Warning

Ami Warning makes us fly! The daughter of Aruba-born roots reggae legend Wally Warning, who was named Germany's best young musician of 2022 by GEMA, has a vocal colour that you would immediately hear out of 100 other golden throats. Her lyrics are unfiltered, unbowed, direct and so good that the Goethe-Institut has invited her to New York for concerts.

Light-as-a-feather songs, without a pointing finger, without pathos, but always touching. Is this soulful hip hop reggae or folky soul pop? It's Ami! Unmistakable, easy-going and one of the absolute dream artists for our festival. In one of her songs she sings: "Nobody can catch you once you start flying". Let's fly for an hour - with Ami!

Foto © Stef Zinsbacher

Past events

Acoustics Essen #02/2023
Acoustics Hamburg #02/2023
Acoustics Berlin #02/2023

To stand up on a stage alone with an acoustic guitar requires bravery bordering on heroism.

Richard Thompson