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Joya Marleen

Joya Marleen is just 19 years old and already reached the top of the national airplay charts as the first Swiss artist with her debut single "Nightmare". At this year's Swiss Music Awards 2022, she won in all three categories in which she was nominated, "Best Female", "Best Newcomer" and "Best Hit", also with "Nightmare".

A hat-trick that has hardly ever been seen in Switzerland before. A phenomenon indeed - an upcoming pop star who is now also ready to cause a sensation in Germany. Joya Marleen talks about her music in cinematic images; she loves kitsch, but also the bizarre. Her voice pushes back times and boundaries. Fresh, organic pop, with tendencies towards folk, full of energy and big emotions.

Foto © Gaëlle Schwimmer

Past events

Acoustics Hamburg #04/2022
Acoustics Berlin #03/2022

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