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Soeckers play garage pop. That means amps are turned up, british sound, a good portion of melody and all that in German. All-round concerts and a sound you will never hear in an elevator. Hopefully.

The band was gathered in 2014 by the need to share the liquor bottle for songs that are more vinyl than MP3. Through the love for scratchy guitars, cranked up amps and band ideas like the one from the Beatles or Oasis, the necessary three chords were quickly learned. A lot has happened since then: About 100 live concerts all over Germany, participants of the Popcamp 2017, Wanda tour support 2018 and the upcoming release of their debut album 2020 with Wanda producer Paul Gallister.

Past events

Knust Acoustics #07/2020
Kesselhaus Acoustics #03/2020
Essen Acoustics #01/2019

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

Frank Zappa