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Moin Moin, Hamburg!

"Hamburg, make some noise!"

Finally the Acoustics Hamburg can start again! It is with great pleasure that we present the line-up for 2023. Once again, there will be incredibly exciting artists to discover at this year's Acoustics at the Knust Lattenplatz.

And we have another big news: the fences are coming down again this year at the Lattenplatz!

Knust says:
We have always wanted to bring people together with our concerts. That wasn't easy in the last few years. That's why we decided to take down our fences in front of the KNUST and let our outdoor concerts (with a few exceptions) take place with free admission. In future, these will be our ACOUSTICS concerts. We want the LATTENPLATZ to be a place in the Karolinenviertel to encourage encounters and to give you back the desire to play music if you have lost it. That is our cultural mission.

That's why you can now buy a mug for €5.00 with your first drink at our ACOUSTICS concerts. You can take it home with you, of course, but it would be even better if you returned it and bought a new one next time. We look forward to seeing you!


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