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Thu 15.07.2010

Musik Quickie / Knust Acoustics Festival 2010

This is how it all began! The "Musik Quickie", a small and fine event, which took place weekly on Tuesdays in the Feldstern became an open air event and thus the birth of Knust Acoustics on the Lattenplatz.

Chris Buseck
Long is the list of songs Chris Buseck was involved in. We only allow three songs. Let's see if he picks the right ones. Lang is also the list of musicians he performed with. Now his solo project is called The Good Morning Diary. On the verge of a record deal, we claim!

Michael Zlanabitnig
Zlanabitnig, the complicated surname comes from the Slavic language and can be translated as "Tautrinker". In fact, the Austrian-born musician composes corresponding songs. They create goose bumps with hissing hot dew drops on them. It's addictive.

Martin Kilger
No more comparisons. Martin Kilger sounds like ... He is more versatile than ... And his lyrics are better than those of ... His album "Wofür ich steh! The sudden appearance of Xavier Naidoo's voice should not tempt anyone to claim that Martin Kilger sounds like ...

Nils Koppruch
For six albums he was the band Fink. Now Nils Koppruch works alone and one wonders why he is not world famous. It can't be because of his great songs. Besides, he is also a painter. And his paintings hang in our house just like his last CD rotates there.

Helena de Pablos / Estuar
Only one person is allowed to perform at the Music-Quickie, only if he needs an accompaniment for the performance an exception is made. At Estuar the singer Helena de Pablos will be accompanied. There is the danger that some people will forget to listen to her fascinating performance.

Joern Ingwersen
Jörnsson aka Jörn Ingwersen may it be folky, rustic, jazzy, bluesy, but it always swings with a grin.

Duncan Townsend
Like many now famous British people before him, Duncan Townsend came to Hamburg to show what he was made of. Hopefully his career won't go too fast, so that he will stay with us in Hamburg a little longer. The city would be poorer and colder without him!

Michael Zlanabitnig

Michael Zlanabitnig was bandleader of the project The Life Between. More

Jörn Ingwersen

Jörnsson aka Jörn Ingwersen may it be folky, rustic, jazzy, bluesy, but it always swings with a grin. More

19:30 Uhr

Chris Buseck

Chris Buseck creates acoustic folk-pop jewels and is for listeners who love quiet sounds and melodic depth. More

Duncan Townsend

Duncan Townsend was born in the Middle East, studied theatre in London, worked in Hamburg before finally moving to Berlin to work as a songwriter. More

21:00 Uhr

Martin Kilger

Martin Kilger is an all-rounder and a class of his own. Songwriter, singer, keyboardist, video director and producer, sound engineer and graduate of the Cologne Academy of Media Arts.  More

21:45 Uhr

Nils Koppruch

Nils Koppruch was a dark romantic and poetic songwriter who could roll the moon up a street, stoke it up and make it shine. More


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